Party Balance: UK Councils

This website uses data from and Democracy Club to compare how representation of women within political parties at the local council level.

For each authority, it works out which parties have the largest positive and negative effect on the representation of women to establish a range of representation for each authority to compare internationally.

For all authorities, 34.31% of members are women (3,459/10,082).

Worst to Average: If the party making the highest negative contribution improved their score to the average of all other parties, this would improve to 39.97% (3,459/10,082) - addressing 36.1% of the gender gap.

All to Best: If all parties improved their score to match the party with the highest contribution, this would improve to 49.4% (3,459/10,082) - addressing 96.2% of the gender gap.

You can explore all authorities or see the comparison chart.

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