Lifestage - Retired

Part of Demographics

Other Options: Working full time - In part time education - Doing housework, looking after children or other persons - Working part time - Unemployed - Permanently sick or disabled - In community or military service - Undergraduate student - Postgraduate student - In full time education - Don’t want to answer - None of the above

CategoryReports%ExpectedExpected Diff%Std. Res.
Environment (Direct)3431.192347.832.15
Military and Security Services (Direct)8326.956625.762.01
Local and regional (Direct)73225.4362217.684.4
Media and Culture (Direct)2529.411838.891.55
Transport (Direct)8721.43870.0-0.08
Emergency services and the courts (Direct)6020.69623.23-0.34
Health (Direct)10720.581124.46-0.51
Other (Direct)11020.221175.98-0.7
Don’t want to answer (Direct)510.87944.44-1.57
Central Government (Direct)25918.9529512.2-2.12
Education (Direct)457.4513065.38-7.49

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