FixMyStreet - Exploration Options

This page shows the various different ways of examining data for FixMyStreet.

A Categories (link)

Grouping of FixMyStreet Categories into 94 A Categories - More Info.

B Categories (link)

Grouping of FixMyStreet Categories into 29 B Categories - More Info.

C Categories (link)

Grouping of FixMyStreet Categories into 8 C Categories - More Info.

Fixed (Council) (link)

Only looks at those reported fixed by council vs all other reports. Useful as control on conclusions from user-reported fixes (see 'status'). Updates from council are via staff accounts or feedback through Open311

Repeat Use (link)

First vs subsequent reports by this user on FMS

Reporting Method (link)

There are different ways reports can be made. represents reports made by, Mobile reports are made on an app, and Cobrand are made through cobranded websites.

Status (link)

Reports reported as fixed by user or council - this doesn't accurately reflect the true 'fixed' rate as many reports are not updated - but the difference in different contexts can still be interesting. Reflects a mix of differences in how problems are fixed, and differences in if people report a problem is fixed.

Year (link)

Shows counts and distributions of variables on a yearly basis.

Analysis Type (link)

Explore from the 'other direction' - the various features being crossed against the above.