Novel online approaches to citizen engagement

Empowering citizens and facilitating civic participation through digital innovation in New Zealand and Australia

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Rebecca Rumbul

mySociety’s longterm mission is to understand the impacts of civic technologies. To do that, we need to understand how we can engage everyone in society, not just digital enthusiasts.

This research sought to examine how civic technologies in New Zealand and Australia are used, and how the structural political, educational and digital environment contributes to the use of civic technologies by diverse communities.


  1. Summary
  2. Executive Summary
    1. Aims
    2. Audience
    3. Recommendations
  3. Introduction
    1. Wicked problems
    2. Digital solutions?
    3. Digital in the UK
    4. Project objectives
    5. Travel and research methods
  4. Society and Education
  5. Politics, Government and Media
  6. Civic technology communities
  7. Conclusions
    1. Recommendations
    2. Acknowledgements
  8. Participant organisations

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