The Effect of Government Responsiveness on Future Political Participation

When governments respond, do people become more engaged in their community?

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Frederik M Sjoberg, Jonathan Mellon, Tiago Peixoto

Assessing almost 400,000 FixMyStreet reports, this research examines whether getting a problem fixed results in citizens going on to make further reports, each of which may be seen as a contribution to their community.


  1. Summary
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Efficacy, Government Responsiveness, and Participation
    1. The Calculus of Participation
    2. Hypotheses
    3. Democratic Innovation: FixMyStreet
    4. Background and History of FixMyStreet
    5. Data Description
  5. Statistical Modeling
    1. Analysis
  6. Results
    1. Short-Term Model
    2. Testing for Endogeneity
    3. The long-term impact of initial success in participation
    4. Alternative explanations
  7. Conclusions
  8. Appendices
    1. Summary Statistics
    2. Fixes Summary Statistics
    3. Robustness tests
    4. Acknowledgements
    5. References

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