Dog Fouling and FixMyStreet

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Alex Parsons

When working with data that you didn’t set out to gather you have to be careful to think about what the data actually means, rather than what it seems to be saying. As an example, one of the “interesting” side effects of FixMyStreet is a database of places people have reported dog poop (or “dog fouling” as it tends to be called academically). We now have over 20,000 locations across the UK where nature’s call has both been heard, and reported.

What do these reports tell us about the FixMyStreet platform as whole?


  1. Introduction
  2. Questions
  3. A history of poop on the streets
  4. Clean streets, clean societies
  5. The long pooper-scooper of the law
  6. Why people pick up
  7. Why people complain
  8. Social cohesion

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