Digital Tools for Citizens Assemblies

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Alex Parsons

This report is a result of mySociety's research into how digital tools can be used as part of the process of a Citizens’ Assembly.

We reviewed how Citizens’ Assemblies to date have approached technology, and explored where lessons can be learned from other deliberative or consultative activities.

While there is no unified Citizens’ Assembly digital service, there are a number of different tools that can be used to enhance the process - and that most of these are generic and well-tested products and services. We also tried to identify where innovative tools could be put to new uses, while always bearing in mind the core importance of the in-person deliberative nature of assemblies.


  1. Introduction
  2. Potential uses of digital tools
  3. Bringing the public in
    1. Question forming
    2. Public submissions
    3. Finding experts and stakeholders
  4. Facilitating assemblies
    1. Attendance Management
    2. Voting
    3. Argument representation
    4. Group selection
    5. Including a wider range of experts
    6. Making materials available
    7. Online deliberation
  5. Sharing products
    1. Live streaming
    2. Sharing evidence
    3. Sharing conclusions and tracking implementation
    4. Communicating particpiants' experiences
    5. Allowing feedback from non-participants
  6. Conclusion and acknowledgements

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